Monday, January 30 & Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Standing Wave:
Christie Reside (flute)
AK Coope (clarinet)
Rebecca Whitling (violin)
Peggy Lee (cello)
Allen Stiles (piano)
Vern Griffiths (percussion)
with special guest, Nicole Lizée

The Fox Cabaret
2321 Main Street (between 7th & 8th), Vancouver | google map

Bar opens at 7:00pm | Concert starts at 8:00pm
General Admission seating. Ages 19+.

For over 24 years, Vancouver music ensemble Standing Wave has been wowing audiences and gaining critical plaudits for their work. Here they present an evening of collaboration with composer and video artist Nicole Lizée. The audiovisual performances feature electro-acoustic chamber music, all from compositions by Lizée. Inspirational sources include trailblazing sound artist Delia Derbyshire and Kara Blake’s avant-garde doc, The Delian Mode. The Standing Wave Ensemble uses strings, percussion, piano and wind instruments, with visuals to complement and contrast.

You can expect to be shaken up by a stunning play of glitch-y images, the melding of forms and styles, and musical innovation. Lizée is an eclectic artist, with an inspired repertoire of influences: early MTV, turntable music, the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock and much more. She has found the perfect co-conspirators in Standing Wave; together they’re here to unsettle us with their invention. Collaboration across forms is one of the key virtues of contemporary art, and this meeting of minds produces something unique. For most of its history, the moving image has walked hand in hand with music, and in the work of these creators the partnership hatches a beautiful progeny.